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Kalman Aron, survivor of Nazi camps, featured in Jewish Journal

Kalman Aron’s story continues to be heard. Eitan Arom of the Jewish Journal writes about Aron’s remarkable past and the comfort he finds currently in art to soothe the loneliness he is experiencing at the age of 92:

“Apart from his wife and a part-time caretaker, it’s his paintings that keep him company.

‘I don’t have anybody to talk with,’ he said. ‘All my friends are gone. I had probably 15 friends. They were much older than me. I was the youngest one. And then suddenly, nobody here. I have drawings of them. A lot of drawings in the back there. Filled that room downstairs, filled up completely.’

At the age of 92, Kalman Aron is very much alive. The article quotes him as saying: 

“’Friends of mine, they get old and they don’t know what to do, and they die of boredom,’ he said in his dining room, his eyes widening with intensity. ‘Boredom! And I’ll never die of boredom, as long as I have a piece of paper.'”

Kalman continues to be as dynamic as the light and color in his paintings. To read the full article, click here.